Atlanta III

Third photo series I’ve done from ATL, so I was a bit hesitant on writing this… especially when I only have 10-15 photos from the week.

Always shocked by how welcoming the people I’ve gotten to meet are- there are absolutely amazing people in ATL, including my best friend. So much generosity, selflessness & just strong sense of community. In terms of community, warmth & even humor, ATL has been #1. The city is so wide & dynamic- I swear midtown changes overtime I come through. Was able to meet around 20-25 new people this trip- which is so refreshing when your hometown is bleeding people you actually know & things to do. I feel more established in ATL than in my hometown just because of people & momentum. Thankful it’s only 220 miles away, beats the commute to campus.

I’ve been reminded how much value relationships have when you’ve known someone for their entire life. I think that comfort and familiarity of someone from childhood trumps stronger/newer principles and characteristics in all the new people you meet. Friends are home, but OG-hometown-friends are home-home. What’s the balance in who you’ve known and who you meet? Wait, what..

This blog is become more personalized & contextualized which, for me, is fine at the moment. In the last blog I basically concluded that of this sort of art- whether writing, photography, painting, etc.- is egotistical expression of a perspective. Personalized writings of my thoughts/experiences paired with my own visuals seems to be just that.. so, i’m doing that.

I guess this post is just me saying thank you to everyone I got to spend time with in GA in this odd, buffered, public sorta way.

Christian Haahs

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