Charlotte x Atlanta II

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I've gotten significantly worse at taking photos- definitely rusty. I didn't make time for photography on my trip home since we moved out of my house- weird feeling. I think I'm beginning to appreciate architecture more as I learn more about how spaces influence. Coming back to campus- something sort of hit me. Until recently, I have been transitioning out of the character I was in highschool into whatever the arena of college is... Spring break/moving out was this sort of midpoint where I feel I'm not transitioning out of this college time into the workforce. Teetering between feelings of intimidation and excitement... Trying to solidify my reasons & identity in things other than this photo batch (lol). If you're on campus this summer let me know, I'll be here looking for new things to do. 

Champaign stop raining.

Christian Haahs

Chicago based Photographer specialized in Marketing, Branding, Digital/Analog Photography and Architecture. Varied works can be viewed through the site. For any inquiries, please find yourself on the contact page.