Foci & a Slammed FRS

Finally beginning to pump out as many pictures as I've wanted to (per week)... The past 7 days have been insane- it's becoming more difficult to manage student life with photo work now that I'm so much more invested in both. In the past 10 days, I've lost 2 contact lenses, both of different pairs (lol). I'm still trying to understand how.. anyways- I managed to annoy the hell out of my optometrist. He changed my prescription, giving me more universal lenses & said I need simpler things in my life to focus on the important stuff. Thanks Dr. Kessler, I couldn't agree more.

In regards to the post-sunset gallery, I had fun shooting Thomson & his 86. Still twerking on new projects. So that we don't have to live up to unsaid expectations, I'm not telling anyone about it. If you never see a release, it means we failed, laugh out loud.

P.S.- Let me know if you like this gallery design better. [Scroll] v. [Carousel]


Christian Haahs

Chicago based Photographer specialized in Marketing, Branding, Digital/Analog Photography and Architecture. Varied works can be viewed through the site. For any inquiries, please find yourself on the contact page.