Walk With Me (O'hare Int.)

Finally got to take a step away from campus today. I feel like November is that momentous month in the Fall semester where the weeks just fly by and you get behind on everything- like, everything. Whether you relate or not, that's just how this past month was for me, so getting away felt good- even if that meant walking around O'hare for a few hours. Because I spent so much time at the airport (I overestimated Thanksgiving travel traffic), you can see the daylight transitions through my photos & sort of experience the entire journey with me... just something interesting about the gallery. Some of these turned out beautiful; now that I'm in Philadelphia, I'm excited for the pictures to come. 

Weird side note... After undergrad, my options are to either work or do grad school. Both would eventually happen, it's just a matter of sequencing. Now- the idea of basing myself in Chicago and trying freelance work for a minimum of 12 months, introduces itself as another option. This academic year I've been itching for freedom in my time & resources. I just feel like working part-time in Chicago to give myself opportunity and resources to see where I can go with photo/media/architecture based work would be good. Either I can satisfy the ignorant ambition in me with failure, or create direction in a more unique career path with success. Either way, it sounds fun and viable. I've been entertaining the thought/idea, so if you follow the blog, I'm sure you'll hear about it again.

Enjoy, <3

Christian Haahs

Chicago based Photographer specialized in Marketing, Branding, Digital/Analog Photography and Architecture. Varied works can be viewed through the site. For any inquiries, please find yourself on the contact page.