Lightroom Post-Processing

People always give me a weird look when I tell them I only edit through VSCO- and that I give only 15-20 seconds per photo. I don't know if it's a good things, or I just am too complacent to go deeper into photo editing. I just feel that when you spend too much time looking at a single photo, you overthink the aesthetic. Time spent contemplating aesthetic just never works out for me. Anyways, I started playing w. LR (Thanks Sam). It's been okay- but it makes me hate color. Colors are hard. Grayscale is not. Been playing with old Chicago photos from a couple of months back- man, what I'd do to be in the city during my undergrad years. So much to learn from a simple campus like UIUC though-off topic. Here are muh pix.

Christian Haahs

Chicago based Photographer specialized in Marketing, Branding, Digital/Analog Photography and Architecture. Varied works can be viewed through the site. For any inquiries, please find yourself on the contact page.