Atlanta Run Club started when I met James Ro at a friend of a friend's home. After 15 seconds of introduction + goodbyes, we had lunch the next day to share the vision of putting Atlanta on the map through an influential community group with class-a graphics and marketing.

Within a few months, I've experienced ARC explode and shake a city up in its social culture. As a Creative Director -  My role? Pure visuals. From branding strategy to photos, I shot and curated everything to create a lifestyle that people would want to be a part of.

Never could I have predicted ARC's growth rate... We saw things move so quickly in both numbers and social influence- we were always talking about change in order to keep up with the presence, attention, and influence that was handed to us so quickly. From early collaborations with Patagonia, to seeing ARC private events sell out within an hour of launching, the influence from the newly born group overwhelmed all of us.

I'll never be able to articulate the shock and gratitude I have from seeing such a small and simple idea evolve into the influential community group it is now. More than anything, I hope it inspires local people to see how much change and power you can create anywhere in the states. Living in multiple states in suburbial areas, I've just been tired of hearing the same excuses people have regarding where they live, as if they can't create something of substance where they are.

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